About Giulio

Born in Germany and raised in Italy by a German mother and an Italian father, he was brought up trilingual (German, Italian & English) and studied French at the age of 13 at the German School of Rome. 

From a young age on he was interested in martial arts practicing first Judo and later Muay Thai & MMA.

After graduating from DSRom he briefly pursued a carrier as a professional fighter achieving promising results before dedicating himself to the craft of acting. 

His passion for the stage and working in front of the camera was nurtured early on through his partaking in the school’s drama class as a youngster as well as trough experimenting with his creativity in a camera acting and a film analysis class during adolescence. 

Hence he moved to Berlin to study acting furthermore. Shortly after graduating with a Screen Acting Certificate from dBS Film Berlin in 2019 he met his now manager and coach: Karen Cifarelli (CTCBerlin) during the casting for “Curon”. 

In between projects he continues his studies with her as well as working with Coach Aurin Proietti in the Efilsitra Acting Lab in Rome.

He’s currently living between Rome and Berlin. 


Next to his love for acting and physical activity, Giulio holds a vast field of interest for esoteric knowledge such as Enneagrams, Reality Transsurfing, Feng Shui, Astrology, Taoism, Spirituality and everything that concerns the wellbeing and balance of the heart and the mind. 

He further has always been connected to music. Playing the piano from the age of six at an impressive level. He recently taught himself to play the guitar. 


Giulio is a highly motivated and widely skilled individual who is always eager to jump at the next professional opportunity.

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Indiana Production & Netflix Italia | Curon | 2020


Palomar | La guerra è finita| 2020

Giovane Soldato


DBsFilm | The Pillowman | 2019


Training &

dBs Film Berlin | Screen Acing Certificate (1YR) | Adam Donald, Cavana Hazelton, Ariane  Mason, Joshua  Spriggs, Sarah Bleasdale

Meisner International | Meisner Technique I | Steven Ditmeyer​ (studied with Sanford Meisner and Uta Hagen, Graduate of Neighbourhood Playhouse School of Theatre, new York)

Meisner International | Meisner Technique II | Steven Ditmeyer​

dBs Film Berlin | Fighting Workshop | Adam Donald

Special Skills

Italian, German, English  (1st language) 

French (B1)

Professional MMA FIGHTER, combat sport 

Piano, Guitar

Dance ( Tango, Salsa, Walzer)

strong social skills